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Digital Transformation Agency with Monthly Recurring Revenue Contracts

Price: $4,500,000

Listing ID: TECH10

Entity Classification(M): S-Corp

Year Established: 2004

Annual Sales: $1,626,089

Seller Discretionary Earnings: $895,710

EBITDA: $775,710

EBITDA Multiple: 5.8x

EBITDA Margin 47.7%

Days & Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5 local times

Full-time Employees: 22

Part-Time Employees: 0

Contractors: 6

Reason For Sale: Other Interests

Reason for Sale Comments: Seller enjoys acquiring businesses using his business experience to improve operational efficiencies, increase revenues and profits. He is a serial entrepreneur whose long-term plan is to acquire, build, improve and sell companies.

Limited Seller Financing: SBA no longer requires seller financing. As such very few transactions include a component of seller financing. Brokers proposed sales structure in an asset sale with 4x EBITDA being paid at closing and 2X EBITDA being paid over 5 years subject to a non-slippage clause that for payment requires sales to at minimum remain at 90% of trailing 12 months gross sales.

Listing Status: Pending



This digital transformation agency has provided software development, ERP, web applications, artificial intelligence, and other SaaS products for over 19 years to its B2B clients.

The company specializes in digital transformation of business processes and communications using technology solutions. If it involves hardware, software, AI, networking, cloud services and/or app development this firm delivers. This company is a US based software solutions provider for a wide range of B2B clients with a niche in purchasing co-operatives and buying groups. The company also develops and implements software for organizations across other US based industries.

Established in 2004, the company also has clients in healthcare, legal and retail sectors. The company is Microsoft Gold Certified in application software development and ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management. The company leverages its experience and 30+ employees/sub-contractors and managers in place to develop software solutions for its clients in broad areas such as web and mobile application development, Microsoft Stack , data integration and migration, IoT and artificial intelligence among other custom service offerings with a team of highly specialized software professionals who offer high-quality products and services based on their business knowledge and the use of the latest tools in information technology. The company currently employs engineers and project managers that are certified by Microsoft and The Project Management Institute. The company continuously invests in employee training and certifications to maximize value and quality of deliverables to clients.

The success of this company is evidenced by its sustained upward trajectory since the company’s founding. The company survived the Covid-19 pandemic with positive growth in 2021-2022 and anticipated continued growth through 2024. The company targets 70% profit margins. This ideal service business is easily scalable with expansion into other markets and regions. The new owner will benefit from strong leadership from the current management team and owner while inheriting a motivated and skilled staff. Policies and procedures are extremely well-documented resulting in repeatable processes. This includes tracking suspects to prospects; to leads; to client; to project delivery; to ongoing support. This ensures that there is no single dependency on any individual in the company. All resources are backed up by another resource in a project-oriented management style with cross-trained personnel. The employees are reliable, provide timely execution, quality services, high performance, responsibility, and an abundance of knowledge with excellent customer-facing skill sets. The company is not geographically limited in its ability to deliver solutions to clients but is currently focused on US-based clientele.


The company enjoys a competitive advantage by leveraging a distinct “niche expertise and product solutions” to provide its client base with exceptional customer service and fair pricing – significant recurring revenue contracts in place.

Growth & Expansion Opportunities:

The company is currently working on securing multiple seven (7) figure opportunities. It’s projected that a new owner will reap the benefits of these opportunities. The organization operates by referral only and leaves a massive opportunity for the successor to build a sales & marketing team.

Competitive Advantages:

On-shore customer facing team serving as exclusive interface with clients and prospects.

Owner Qualifications:

Buyer should possess general business, marketing, accounting, and HR skills or hire positions to fulfill. When the Seller purchased the business he had a working knowledge of technology, but did not possess any specific technology skills used in the companies deliverables to clients.

Support & Training:

Long-term Seller consulting at market rates may be possible.





Jeff Snell, CM&AP, M&AMI, LMCBI, ABI

Principal Broker & Founder – Raleigh, NC

Office: (919) 341-1100

Cell: (919) 624-1124

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