ENLIGN Business Brokers are that magic combination of

people who are extremely easy to business with who possess remarkable business

acumen. They are unrelenting in getting results for their clients and people

who choose them really could not be in better hands.

Marty Clark, Speaker and Author (a colleague)

(919) 518-0566


When our management team began

the process of Acquiring a business ENLIGN was our first call. ENLIGN’s

reputation for helping people with all aspects of an acquisition was

impeccable. A pleasant surprise to us was ENLIGN’s integrity. With all the

balls in the air when you’re in the process of buying a business it gave us

great comfort to know we could trust ENLIGN Business Brokers.

Oie Osterkamp (Buyer client)

(919) 210-0600


In the years I’ve been in

business in Raleigh there’s no other business brokerage company like ENLIGN

Business Brokers. These are guys who not only are they in the brokerage

business, they’ve been on all sides of the table. Jeff Snell, the owner has

purchased businesses, he’s also sold businesses, so if you want someone on

your side of the table when you sell your business who knows what it’s like

to be at every chair at the table, you need to call ENLIGN Business Brokers.

Gary Davis (a colleague)

(919) 696-5565


When my two chef sons were

looking to buy a restaurant I called ENLIGN and I could not be more pleased.

They did a great job in finding us a restaurant, negotiating a deal,

covering all the details and now they have a highly successful restaurant

called ‘Savoy’ in North Raleigh as a result of working with ENLIGN.

Jo Smith (a buyer)

(919) 302-4493