Under Contract Listings

Industry: Software and App Companies
Location: Relocatable - North Carolina
Listing ID: TECH9
Seller Discretionary Earnings: $928,210
EBITDA: $828,209
Price: $4,500,000

This business is a one stop shop for small, medium and large businesses requiring online, offline and cloud based software services focused on highly customizable lean development methodology. The company specializes in digitizing and optimization of business processes and communications. If it involves hardware, software, AI, networking, cloud services and/or app development this firm delivers. This Company is a US based software solutions provider for B2B clients with a niche …

Industry: Building and Construction
Location: Class B Office
Seller Discretionary Earnings: $1,149,215
EBITDA: $1,068,477
Price: $4,000,000

This business has over 50 years of experience in the design and construction of prefabricated and custom laminated wood structures including bridges/pathways, structural beams and outdoor shelters and pavilions. Customers include homeowners, municipalities, churches, horse farms, entertainment venues, golf courses and architects who integrate the companies custom products into their designs. The company has received multiple awards for their highly regarded designs and quality precision manufacturing. Since entering the big …