ENLIGN business brokers strive to complete each transaction methodically and with integrity, with our client’s best interest in mind. All of our business brokers have been business owners themselves, so they understand that your business isn’t just a financial transaction; it is the culmination of your work and investments, both personal and financial.

Below are testimonials from some of ENLIGN’s past Buyers, Sellers, Vendors, Network Partners and others.

Seller Testimonials

  • Kenny GarmanKenny Garman
    “Jeff establishes a great relationship right from the beginning, even afterwards after the company has been sold. We have become really good friends.” Kenny Garman (Seller Client) (919) 271-6292
  • Nancy PiephoNancy Piepho
    “During the final negotiations, I felt I had a great team of experience on my side with no need to worry. Their personal touch at closing was icing on the cake.” -Nancy Piepho (Business Seller) (919) 413-2143
  • Robbie DriverRobbie Driver
    “Jeff was very effective selling my business in 2007. He delivered a quality buyer and secured financing for the transaction. During the process Jeff was professional and a pleasure to work with.” Robbie Driver (Seller Client)
  • Kent VernonKent Vernon
    After working with Jeff in 2005 to help us successfully sell a business my wife and I owned, I naturally called him again to assist in the investigation of selling another company we’ve operated for a number of years. For Jeff to succeed as he has in an industry with, shall we say, a less than stellar reputation is a testament to Jeff’s personal integrity and work ethic. I can highly recommend Jeff Snell and ENLIGN Business Brokers.” Kent Vernon (seller client) (336) 688-0728
  • Michael and Sue PailMichael and Sue Pail
    “Jeff was instrumental in selling our business of 15 years.  His expertise, experience and professionalism were key in not only bring the deal to conclusion, but also in making sure we received the value deserved.  I’m confident that his tenacity allowed for a sale price that more than covered his well-earned fee.” Michael and Sue Pail (Seller Clients)
  • Ralph GrosswaldRalph Grosswald
    “ENLIGN gave me considerable time and good advice in evaluating our business even before we committed to list with him.” Ralph Grosswald (828) 773-1115
  • Scott (Bart) GoodsonScott (Bart) Goodson
    “To say that Jeff was a relentless advocate on my behalf would be an understatement. Jeff consistently exceeded my expectations at every turn during the negotiations for the sale of my company. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.” Scott (Bart) Goodson (Business Seller)
  • Katie SpeerKatie Speer
    “After three months on the market, we got an offer. The business evaluation was so spot on we actually ended up getting just a little over our asking price. I never thought I would have someone in my corner fighting as hard as Jeff did to sell the business. In less than six months, I was on to newer and bigger things. –Katie Speer (Business Seller) (919) 649-8598
  • Carolyn RhinebargerCarolyn Rhinebarger
    “ENLIGN Business Brokers are highly informed on all aspects of negotiating the successful sale or purchase of a business. As a business owner, it is critical to rely on this wealth of knowledge as they guide you to success as a buyer or a seller.” Carolyn Rhinebarger (Seller Client) (919) 461-0551
  • Carrie Mitchell (Business Valuation Client)Carrie Mitchell (Business Valuation Client)
    “Once I made the decision to sell my business, ENLIGN was with me every step of the way. What could have been a daunting, overwhelming process was smooth, quick and pleasant.” -Carrie Mitchell (Business Valuation Client) (919) 630-0809
  • Kenny GarmanKenny Garman
    “Jeff is very knowledgeable in all aspects of preparing the owners and the business in its readiness to sell. Jeff has always performed when he said he was going to get something done. We were very proud to be associated with a business broker that has integrity and kept our interests first, in the sale of our business. He gets results!!!” September 24, 2008 Kenny Garman (seller client) (919) 271-6292
  • Chuck ArkellChuck Arkell
    “I selected ENLIGN to sell Paddle Creek after working with them on my purchase of the company 7 years ago.  As a buyer and then seller, I was impressed with the level of service and professionalism throughout the process.” -Chuck Arkell (Business Buyer and Seller)
  • Ralph GrosswaldRalph Grosswald
    ” We would recommend ENLIGN to anyone considering buying or selling a business.” Ralph Grosswald (828) 773-1115
  • Dan DaviesDan Davies
    “ENLIGN through two negotiations worked tirelessly on our behalf ultimately completing a transaction that was probably impossible by most standards. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome.” Dan Davies (a seller) 919-872-7077
  • Alan and Kristi HarrisAlan and Kristi Harris
    “ENLIGN was excellent in every respect – first class – definitely recommended.” Alan and Kristi Harris (Seller Clients) (843) 696-0192
  • Gene HigdonGene Higdon
    “Becky and I were so pleased with the representation we received from ENLIGN that we recommended the firms services to an industry partner who has retained them to execute an exit strategy for them as well.” -Gene Higdon (Business Seller Client) (910) 389-4672
  • Charles & Lynn KincaidCharles & Lynn Kincaid
    “Charles and I had a great experience working with Joe and Julie and are thankful that they were able to find the perfect buyers for Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center. We are 100% confident in Jamie and Aaron’s abilities as leaders. We stand in support of their vision for serving the children and families in the community. We are excited to watch Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center as it continues to grow and prosper in the years to come.”  Charles & Lynn Kincaid (sellers)
  • Larry M. KahnLarry M. Kahn
    “Jeff is one of the most professional people in his respective area of expertise that I have encountered during my 40+ year legal and professional career.  He is quite intelligent, direct, and knows his field of work extremely well.   I highly recommend him and his firm.” Larry M. Kahn (Seller Client) 541-732-1911 x14
  • Nancy PiephoNancy Piepho
    “I couldn’t be happier with my experience with ENLIGN.” –Nancy Piepho (Business Seller) (919) 413-2143
  • Diogenes RuizDiogenes Ruiz
    “I want to thank you for helping me find a suitable buyer for my printing business. I honestly don’t think it would’ve happened without your help. Your expertise and ability to guide buyer and seller to a mutually agreeable point, made all the difference. In my case it happened at a most critical time and I’m very grateful for all your hard work and expertise that you bought to the table. I hope anyone looking to buy or sell a business gives you the opportunity to help them. You’re a mild mannered business broker with extraordinary powers of creating win-win scenarios for buyers and sellers. That makes you a Super Hero in my book.” Diogenes Ruiz (first seller client) (919) 412-8224
  • Ralph GrosswaldRalph Grosswald
    “I have bought and sold millions of dollars worth of businesses, but my discussions with Jeff Snell showed a level of expertise and professionalism rarely found in the brokerage industry.” Ralph Grosswald (Seller Client) (828) 773-1115
  • Katie SpeerKatie Speer
    “After three years, I reached out to a friend for a referral to sell the business again and he recommended Jeff Snell with ENLIGN Business Brokers. When he came back with an evaluation I was floored at the price point in which he expected to sell the business (double what it was listed for three years prior)! The first thing I thought about was how thankful I was it didn’t sell three years ago! Katie Speer (Business Seller) (919) 649-8598
  • Brent MarekBrent Marek
    “We started with another agency who took over 1 month just to evaluate our business. Frustrated, we contacted Jeff at ENLIGN. Within days he had the business evaluated and up on their website. It sold within one month. During this time he was punctual and answered emails and phone calls promptly. It was truly a pleasure doing business with Jeff and ENLIGN.” –Brent Marek (Business Seller) (919) 368-3425
  • Dan DaviesDan Davies
    “Jeff worked behind the scenes even when it appeared the deal was dead to insure our objectives were met. When all was said and done ENLIGN provided a level of service and commitment that far exceeded what we thought was possible.” Dan Davies (a seller) 919-872-7077
  • Katie SpeerKatie Speer
    “I would highly recommend Jeff Snell and ENLIGN Business Brokers for selling your business. He is exceedingly educated in this field, extremely diligent and patient with sellers needs. It made my experience so easy and effortless and I was able to continue running the business without interruption. This was one of the best decisions I made while owning and operating my business.” –Katie Speer (Business Seller) (919) 649-8598
  • Gene HigdonGene Higdon
    “Working with ENLIGN was like having night vision on a midnight raid. Problems were avoided, issues resolved quickly and effectively which allowed the transaction to close successfully.” -Gene Higdon (Business Seller Client) (910) 389-4672
  • Kenny GarmanKenny Garman
    “Our business that sold consisted of three partners. Each partner was going in their own complete different direction of the other two. ENLIGN handled each one with kindness, respect and professionalism. I know that had to be difficult, but Jeff Snell got it done. He’s the best! That’s why I would recommend him to anyone because he gets RESULTS!” Kenny Garman (Seller Client) (919) 271-6292
  • Nancy PiephoNancy Piepho
    “ENLIGN told me what to expect each step of the way and were always available for any questions I had.” –Nancy Piepho (Business Seller) (919) 413-2143
  • Ahmad EiedAhmad Eied
    “Excellent experience! Jeff Snell was very knowledgeable and right by my side the entire time. We even received multiple offers. Definitely recommend.” –Ahmad Eied (Business Seller) (919) 449-8655
  • Kenny GarmanKenny Garman
    “We were impressed from the very beginning with Jeff’s knowledge, advice, and his attention to the FINEST detail. We loved his calm attitude during the entire process. Never pressuring us on anything (except to keep the financials current). He always talked us through everything reminding us we make the final decision.” Kenny Garman (Seller Client) (919) 271-6292
  • Ken ComerKen Comer
    “From the initial contact, I recognized the personalized service ENLIGN provided and that integrity would be clearly represented.” Ken Comer (Seller) 919-846-5740
  • Kenny GarmanKenny Garman
    “We were impressed from the very beginning with Jeff’s knowledge, advice, and his attention to the FINEST detail. We loved his calm attitude during the entire process. Never pressuring us on anything (except to keep the financials current). He always talked us through everything reminding us we make the final decision.” Kenny Garman (Seller Client) (919) 271-6292
  • Diogenes RuizDiogenes Ruiz
    “It was like having a guardian angel with business broker experience working for me. – Thanks!” Diogenes Ruiz (a seller) 919-484-0225
  • Dr. Angela BaylisDr. Angela Baylis
    “ENLIGN helped me sell my practice at the highest value in the shortest amount of time”. Dr. Angela Baylis (Seller Client) (919) 861-8944
  • Naomi and Masa TsujimuraNaomi and Masa Tsujimura
    “A great thank you to George for his hard work in the sale of Waraji.  That was quite a roller coaster of every fashion imaginable and we couldn’t think of a better person to beside us every step of the way.” Naomi and Masa Tsujimura (Sellers)
  • Larry KahnLarry Kahn
    “Your assistance has been nothing less than terrific… (a) thorough professional.” -Larry Kahn (Business Seller)
  • Eran Salu, SG CapitalEran Salu, SG Capital
    “ENLIGN represented the business we wanted to buy and did an excellent job working with both parties.” Eran Salu, SG Capital (310) 909-8999

Buyer Testimonials

  • Oie Osterkamp (buyer prospect)Oie Osterkamp (buyer prospect)
    “When I was interested in purchasing a company, I wanted help from the best in the industry. I reached out to my network for recommendations. Jeff Snell’s name kept coming up. After our first meeting, I knew why. Jeff has the outstanding ability to almost always be the smartest person in the room yet can communicate on whatever level necessary to make sure expectations and answers are understood. He is thorough, honest, proficient and he gets results. He helped me immensely through the valuation and negotiation process and has become a valued advisor in many other aspects for me.” Oie Osterkamp (buyer prospect) (919) 210-0600
  • Chuck ArkellChuck Arkell
    “As a first time buyer, I really appreciated their experience and expert advice.” Chuck Arkell (a buyer) 919-428-1650
  • Mark Henry (buyer prospect)Mark Henry (buyer prospect)
    “Jeff was retained by me and our management team to evaluate an acquisition target and prepare an offer. I found Jeff’s analysis to be thorough; his offer and financing strategies to be creative and sound; and his approach professional and confidence inspiring. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Jeff to any one interested in receiving top dollar for a company they are selling and/or the best value for a business they are contemplating purchasing.” Mark Henry (buyer prospect) (919) 559-3695
  • Melissa Fairrel (buyer prospect)Melissa Fairrel (buyer prospect)
    “When several co-workers and I looked to buy a business we turned to Jeff Snell to assist us in a detailed business valuation. Jeff was very professional throughout the process and give us a thorough and honest evaluation of the potential purchase. I was more than pleased in the service Jeff provided us. I highly recommend Jeff Snell to anyone looking to buy a business. He is someone you can trust.” Melissa Fairrel (buyer prospect)
  • Eran Salu (buyer client)Eran Salu (buyer client)
    “ENLIGN represented the sellers of Business Leader Magazine that I purchased the company from. During the entire process of buying the company I interfaced with ENLIGN and their experience and skill were paramount in making the deal happen. I highly recommend ENLIGN to anyone looking to sell their companies ENLIGN will get the deal done !!” Eran Salu (buyer client) (919) 256-7890
  • Reed RobertsonReed Robertson
    “I have recently purchased two businesses through Joe Vagnone, and my experience was a quick, easy and professional experience both times.  I highly recommend Joe and Julie to help find the right business as well as make it a seamless process.” Reed Robertson (a buyer) 336-972-9889
  • Robert WardRobert Ward
    “ENLIGN was excellent. The broker always did what he said he was going to do.” Robert Ward (a buyer) 336-906-4192

Colleague Testimonials

  • Morris GelblumMorris Gelblum
    “Jeff has an inspiring breadth of knowledge, and in a short time advised us to implement some changes that will have a significant impact upon our future. He has already become an invaluable asset towards our success and we will definitely work with him again.” Morris Gelblum (Value Maximization Case) 919-628-0828
  • Jo SmithJo Smith
    “If you don’t want to sell your business – don’t call ENLIGN!” Jo Smith (a colleague) 919-302-4493
  • Barry Long (a colleague)Barry Long (a colleague)
    “Jeff and I have known each other for many years. He is a “go to” guy whenever I have questions within his industry. He was very instrumental in assisting me when I merged my company with Millennium Print Group and I value the input he has given. I would contact Jeff for any help you may need when looking for a business to sell or buy or simply interested in investigating the possibilities.” Barry Long (a colleague) 919.876.5664
  • Jeff Cobb (a colleague)Jeff Cobb (a colleague)
    “Jeff has a great deal of business knowledge and is able to use this knowledge to advise his clients. He also has experience in working with a variety of industries. Through my work with him through a Chamber of Commerce group, he is very good at analyzing a set of data, and is able to make good business decisions and recommendations.” Jeff Cobb (a colleague) (919) 716-7116
  • Jo Smith (a colleague)Jo Smith (a colleague)
    “ENLIGN Business Brokers bring expertise and experience to an industry short on both. Jeff Snell has created a strong team to address the needs of buyers and sellers. I have recommended ENLIGN in the past and Jeff is currently working with my sons to find them a business.” Jo Smith (a colleague) (919) 302-4493
  • Pat Howlett (a colleague)Pat Howlett (a colleague)
    If you have the opportunity to sit down with Jeff, book it! A close advisor referred me to him about a new start-up I was launching and within a short time he was able to assist me with questions that had stalled action. Jeff is a “Successful Businessman” who happens to broker businesses – it’s become an important distinction as I continue to pick his brain.” Pat Howlett (a colleague)
  • Brad HalfertyBrad Halferty
    “You (Jeff Snell) are head and shoulders above the competition, for sure.” March 13, 2013 Brad Halferty (919) 302-4493
  • Whitney Hill (a colleague)Whitney Hill (a colleague)
    “Jeff has a great amount of knowledge and contacts in the small business realm. He has been a great asset to me through my association with him in the Business Leaders Club.” Whitney Hill (a colleague) (919) 676-7500
  • Janice Russell (a colleague)Janice Russell (a colleague)
    “Jeff Snell is a hard-working, honest business owner who has amazing knowledge and contacts in a variety of industries. He is always willing to lend a hand or advise regarding questions on a multitude of topics. Janice Russell, Owner, Minding Your Matters Organizing” December 18, 2007 Janice Russell (a colleague) 919.467.7058
  • Jeff White (a colleague)Jeff White (a colleague)
    “The ability to communicate, intelligence, self-confidence, and having a vision are part of what Jeff Snell brings to his business, ENLIGN Business Brokers. Jeff helps everyone win by building mutual cooperation. This benefits business and community.” Jeff White (a colleague) (919) 806-8845
  • Gary Davis (business partner)Gary Davis (business partner)
    “Like a kind of white-collar handyman, I don’t know what Jeff doesn’t know how to do. He jumped in with website and publishing help as I was completing my book. He has advised me on business matters including a partnership in the newest four star restaurant in Raleigh. He has been at each chair in the business purchase transaction, buyer, seller and intermediary. I heard a friend once say “if you could have only three friends they should be Jeff Snell, Jeff Snell and Jeff Snell.” Gary Davis (business partner) (919) 696-5565
  • William M. Geist (a colleague)William M. Geist (a colleague)
    “Jeff has been an outstanding resource for my clients. As a wealth manager, many of clients own businesses and there is no one else I would rather have in their corner. His professionalism, integrity, and business savvy have set him apart from others in his field. I have referred more than a million dollars worth of business to Jeff and will continue to do so.” September 22, 2006 William M. Geist (a colleague) (919) 332-8627
  • Chuck Underwood (a colleague)Chuck Underwood (a colleague)
    “I have crossed paths with Jeff many times, and each time we work together Jeff”s business acumen and common-sense approach have provided great insight, direction and results. I recommend Jeff without reservation.” September 4, 2008 Chuck Underwood (a colleague) 919. 851. 6420
  • Andy Borter (a colleague)Andy Borter (a colleague)
    “Jeff possesses a business acumen that is unmatched. His ability to access, problem solve, and negotiate combined with his willingness to help makes him a “must know” person. For anyone looking to buy or sell a business – talk to Jeff!” Andy Borter (a colleague) (919) 256-3123
  • Gary Davis (a colleague)Gary Davis (a colleague)
    “Jeff has created an identity in the local business community as the “go to guy”. I would recommend anyone thinking of selling their business to talk to Jeff.” Gary Davis (a colleague) (919) 696-5565
  • Martin Brossman (colleague)Martin Brossman (colleague)
    “Jeff Snell is one of the sharpest business minds that truly walks his talk of helping people. I would recommend him to anyone for business and as a person. When you leave the presence of an impressive man, you are impressed with him, when you leave the presence of a great man you are you have a greater appreciation of yourself. Jeff is a great man.” September 22, 2006 Martin Brossman (colleague) (919) 847-4757
  • Dave ParkDave Park
    “Jeff is relentless about delivering on promises to his clients. His success comes only from their success. . . Lasting Customer Impact!” Dave Park (Colleague) (919) 850-2526
  • David Forrest (a colleague)David Forrest (a colleague)
    “Jeff has established himself as the ”go to guy” for business brokerage and business valuations in this area. Jeff and I first met through a highly respected local CPA firm. We share a couple of clients that are raving fans of his work and he is highly recommended by many well respected professionals in the community. Jeff is the first call I make when a client needs his services or is even considering buying or selling a company.” David Forrest (a colleague) (919) 839-1710
  • Marty Clarke (a colleague)Marty Clarke (a colleague)
    “The ENLIGN team is that rare combination of highly skilled subject matter experts who understand the human side of the transactions they facilitate. The business owners to whom I have recommended ENLIGN have all had extremely positive (and lucrative) experiences.” Marty Clarke (a colleague) (919) 518-0566
  • Mark Scarbrough (a colleague)Mark Scarbrough (a colleague)
    “I have known Jeff for a few years now. In that time, I have been honored to introduce him to my clients that are selling or buying various businesses. He has a personal level of integrity that is not only rare but is unmatched.” Mark Scarbrough (a colleague) (919) 341-1677
  • Bob Liddle (a colleague)Bob Liddle (a colleague)
    “I have personally recommended ENLIGN in the transaction regarding the sale of a business. ENLIGN was extremely professional and helpful in all aspects. I will continue to highly recommend ENLIGN in any buy/sell capacity.” Bob Liddle (a colleague) (919) 961-3132
  • Mark Scarbrough (a colleague)Mark Scarbrough (a colleague)
    “I personally have seen him take time to help others grow and succeed. Jeff and I have had many discussions about ethics in the market place. I believe in his formative years he was deeply influenced by doing “the right” thing. He is literally a Boy Scout (Eagle Scout)! If you are not working with Jeff, you should, and if you are working with Jeff, you know what I am talking about.” Mark Scarbrough (a colleague) (919) 341-1677
  • Doug CowanDoug Cowan
    “Jeff is a quick study, bright, creative, practices great follow-up… Always bringing value to every relationship” Doug Cowan (a colleague) 919-280-5454
  • Charles Daniels (a colleague)Charles Daniels (a colleague)
    “I’ve been very impressed with Jeff”s broad, overall business knowledge and have called upon him for advice from time to time. When appropriate, I have sent business prospects to Jeff because I know he will do an excellent job for them.” Charles Daniels (a colleague) (919) 463-5427
  • Michael Fekkes (ENLIGN Broker)Michael Fekkes (ENLIGN Broker)
    “Jeff has demonstrated the highest level of character and accomplishment in his life and in his work. He continues to put service above self, and integrity at the core of every exchange. His superior knowledge and proficiency in the business advisory field, combined with his exemplary code of ethics, makes Jeff Snell an ideal source of trusted information and professional advice.” September 24, 2008 Michael Fekkes (ENLIGN Broker) (910) 691-2202

Client Testimonials

  • Leo MillerLeo Miller
    “The valuation was turned around in a timely manner and explained in plain English.” Leo Miller (Valuation Client) 919-877-8557
  • Ed Wray (valuation client)Ed Wray (valuation client)
    “I have worked with several business brokers through the years and have found in Jeff that he is much more astute than most and possesses an essential broader sense of knowledge for our ever changing business climate. I will continue to work only with ENLIGN in the future for all my business brokerage needs.” September 25, 2008 Ed Wray (valuation client) (919) 427-8201
  • Carrie Mitchell (Business Valuation Client)Carrie Mitchell (Business Valuation Client)
    “I received a valuation of my company from Jeff Snell ,of ENLIGN Business Brokers, and was immediately impressed with how professional and thorough he was. I will definitely use ENLIGN in the future as both a buyer and a seller!” Carrie Mitchell (Business Valuation Client) (919) 630-0809
  • Russ ReynoldsRuss Reynolds
    “Jeff has owned, bought and sold businesses and is one of the smartest people I know.” Russ Reynolds (Value Maximization Client) (919) 832-2220
  • Ron Thigpen (Valuation Client)Ron Thigpen (Valuation Client)
    “Jeff is a very trusted business advisor. I admire his business savvy and his ability to see business opportunities from different perspectives. He is a true business professional.” Ron Thigpen (Valuation Client) (919) 363-1722

Lender Testimonials

  • Steve MarianiSteve Mariani
    “ENLIGN has an impeccable reputation in assisting individuals with finding the correct acquisition for each and always exhibits that proactive approach.” Steve Mariani (Vendor and President of Diamond Financial) (919) 782-3101
  • Steve MarianiSteve Mariani
    We’ve worked with ENLIGN for many years on many deals and will always consider their transactions to be top tier. Looking any further than ENLIGN is just not in your best interest! Steve Mariani (Vendor and President of Diamond Financial) (919) 782-3101
  • Steve MarianiSteve Mariani
    Jeff and his associates are top level professionals providing accurate information on quality listings. Steve Mariani (SBA Loan Packager and President of Diamond Financial) (919) 782-3101

Testimonials from Other Sources

  • Patty Briguglio (a vendor)Patty Briguglio (a vendor)
    “Have worked with Jeff through some clients of mine in which he brokered the deal. Let me tell you the most valuable thing about Jeff: He gets the deal done. How many other brokers can say that?” Patty Briguglio (a vendor) (919) 233-6600
  • Dennis Schaecher (Co-petitor)Dennis Schaecher (Co-petitor)
    “Jeff and his team at ENLIGN have a solid reputation helping business owners efficiently and confidentially sell their businesses. I have found Jeff to be smart, professional, and diligent – he conducts business with integrity and is very good at what he does.” Dennis Schaecher (Co-petitor) (919) 969-6671
  • David Holmes (a vendor)David Holmes (a vendor)
    “In my opinion, Jeff’s own experience selling his company serves him well and I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone interested in learning how to position their company for sale, especially considering the difficult economic environment we are currently facing.” David Holmes (a vendor) (919) 469-2473
  • Jo Smith (business partner at Savoy)Jo Smith (business partner at Savoy)
    “Jeff is a very focused professional with an impressive success rate. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff on a variety of boards and task forces. He works tirelessly for results that everyone will enjoy.” September 29, 2006 Jo Smith (919) 302-4493
  • David Holmes (a vendor)David Holmes (a vendor)
    “My wife and I were both very impressed with Jeff’s professionalism and left with a deeper understanding of the process and the steps necessary to get to our desired result.” David Holmes (a vendor) (919) 469-2473
  • Wright Jackson (former employee)Wright Jackson (former employee)
    “Jeff Snell is incredible with clients. He is an outstanding leader who values both his clients and co-workers. Jeff will expend all his energy to be the best in any endeavor he believes in. All in all, Jeff is a incredible, motivated business man, friend, and teacher.” Wright Jackson (former employee) 919.906.4080