ENLIGN Sells Language Interpretation and Translation Services Business

NASHVILLE, TN  – Michael Fekkes, CBI, CEPA announces the sale of a global translation and language interpretation business on the west coast.  The business specializes in the on-site interpretation and translation of over 170 different languages and caters to the legal, medical, and insurance industries.

ENLIGN provided the confidential business-for-sale marketing services, buyer qualification in addition to term sheet and definitive purchase agreement negotiation services.

“The language services industry has become an invaluable tool in bringing international cultures and industries closer to each other.  The industry has been growing at an annual rate approaching 25%.” commented Michael Fekkes, the Director of ENLIGN’s Nashville, Tennessee office.

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News Facts:

– ENLIGN Business Brokers has announced that the firm has sold a west coast global translation and language interpretation business.

– The Company has made a significant impact on commerce and business enabling both small and large commercial firms to collaborate with each other irrespective of what the stake-holders primary language preferences.

– ENLIGN provided a business valuation, buyer qualification, and term sheet negotiation services.

For listing details, visit https://enlign.com/listing-profile/?l=713


“What barely existed as an industry up until 20 years ago is now a thriving industry with an expected value approaching $38 billion.” said Fekkes.



January 4th, 2016|