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Joe  Vagnone

Senior Broker – Charlotte, NC

Office: (919) 341-1100 Ext.708

Cell: (704) 577-8030

Ph: Office Ph: Cell Email: Email 1- Joe. Vagnone
Professional Summary

Joe has been creating a path through life self-employed ever since the age of 17. But Joe would be the first to tell you there have been many mentors, supporters & partners along the way. “You may be self-employed but you will not succeed with just yourself.” Joe created the largest closed market environment restaurant concept in the southeast in his twenties. Joe is one of the top small business brokers in the state. One of Joe’s industry colleagues recently said, “Joe is the most creative deal guy!” His motto is, “I work hard for your trust, because trust is the foundation for a good deal.”

“The first time I knew I was an entrepreneur – the first million – the first restaurant – first dollar – the first big deal – the first really big mistake – the moment I knew this was getting too big – the Money Machine – the first deal with no money – the time when I realized my dream was too small “

Some of the industries Joe has owned/ operated: • Publishing (print) • Lite Manufacturing (closets & cabinets) • Video Arcades (multi-unit) • Franchising (master & area developer) • Management Services • Multi-State Restaurant Concepts • Vending Operations (over 120) • Hotel Franchise Management • Auto Repair Franchise • Commercial & Single-Family Property Management

“I like to say I have owned, operated, bought & sold more small business then anyone you are ever going to meet.”