5 Reasons You Need a Business Broker

So, you read our last blog, and you’ve decided to buy a business in Raleigh. The timing is right, you know who will help you run the business: You may have even gone over the numbers, and checked out a few businesses for sale, but you are still unsure if you need a business broker. Here are five reasons why you need a confidential business broker to help you buy a business in Raleigh.

Prescreening Process

When you are buying a business and you include a business broker, you are ensuring that you are getting all the information that you need upfront to even consider buying a business. Many business brokers will not even work with business owners who are selling a business, unless the owner will disclose all relevant information, including all their financials. A business broker who you can trust, has been involved in several deals and so is more experience at the buying a business process and can “mine” from their experience to help you make a wise investment.

Define Your Interest

Though you may think you know what you want when buying a business […]

February 22nd, 2017|

Buying a Business: What You Should Know

There is a lot to understand when you are buying a business. Not only do you have personal aspects of your life that must be considered, but also you need to make sure that you are making a wise investment and buying the business right. Whether you’ve bought a business before or this is your first time owning a business, here are some of the things that you should consider. Today, we are going to discuss what you should consider personally before you buy a business.

Consider Why?

The first question to ask is, “Why are you buying a business?” Are you buying a business because you actually want to own a business? Or are you buying a business as a reaction to life’s or your personal circumstances. Before you take the plunge and buy a business, consider the amount of effort running a business can take and how much of your time this will take.  


The next aspect of buying a business to consider is timing: Is this the best time to buy a business? Boredom is not the best reason for buying a business, unless you are the type that likes to […]

February 5th, 2017|

What Should You Look for in a Broker?


Ready to take the next step in our career and sell your business? Ready to sell your business and retire? Then you are probably looking for a business broker.

Selling your Business

Selling your business in North Carolina can be a stressful and emotional ordeal. Not only are you selling something that you have spent a lot of time, money, and possibly sleepless nights over, but you maybe letting go of something that has held a piece of your heart. Whether you you have an emotional attachment to your business or your business is an investment project, finding a someone who will help you sell your business well is something that you deserve and you must have. When you are looking for a local and confidential business broker who you can trust, here are some of the qualities you should look for.


For any relationship whether it be personal or professional, there must be mutual trust and confidentiality is one of the biggest factors in knowing who to trust, when you are looking for the best Raleigh, North Carolina broker. Confidentiality is key to selling your business or purchasing a business successfully. One of the […]

February 3rd, 2017|