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ENLIGN DEAL TEAM | 01/23/2023

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Thanks for joining me for another edition of ENLIGN's featured businesses for sale. I'm Wednesday Jones and I'll be your host.

In this edition we're presenting an established machine and tool shop located in East Central North Carolina, one of the most popular and highest rated areas in the country.

Our internal listing id for this premium business acquisition opportunity is MACHINE 2.

This business is well positioned for continued growth with its 33 years of CNC experience serving virtually every industry and sector throughout the Southeast with over 25 CNC machines located in a 17,500 square foot facility also being offered for sale.

This business offers high tolerance milling of a wide variety of metals and plastics. The business offers Swiss and traditional turning, wire EDM and virtually all related metal working services such as welding, cutting, deburring and more.

This machine shop can produce everything from a one-off prototype and replacement parts to moderate production runs.

The owner is selling to retire.

Next, lets summarize this businesses key performance indicators.

In 2022 the business generated $431,915 of seller discretionary earnings with $347,675 of EBITDA on $2,498,194 of gross sales.

The business asking price is $1,750,000 which includes $220,000 of raw materials and $1,723,945 of furniture fixtures and equipment.

There is $1,300,000 retail value of made to print inventory on hand which will be sold at its wholesale value.

The land and building is anticipated to appraise for up to $1,750,000 for a total project-cost of $4,670,000.

Now let's feature a quote from one of the most successful and prolific businessmen of our time.

"It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." - Warren Buffett

Thank you for watching ENLIGN's executive summary for our established machine and tool business.

For more details visit our website, https://enlign.com/listing/established-machine-and-tool-shop/

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We look forward to working with you on this exciting business acquisition opportunity.