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3D Look-Alike Cartoon Avatar E-Commerce
Listing DetailsOffice ID: SOFTWARE2
Status: Expired
Listing Broker: George Bradbury
Listing Price: $50,000
Gross Revenue: $81,000
FF&E Included: No
Sales Structure: Asset Sale
Sellers will give at no cost 40 hours of software installation and use training for the first 45 days. After the install period is over, the developers are also available for up to 3 months of consulting/further development work under a separate compensation package as negotiated which may include your new proprietary designs in your 2D/3D library.
OperationsYear Established: 2014
Form of Ownership: Foreign
Business Hours: 24-7
Business Description:
3D printable files can be printed out to create wonderful, one-of-a-kind gifts such as 3D figurines, personalized music boxes and unique mementos using our look-alike cartoon customization software. Our developers have now created V.3 and you will be amazed at our endearing Avatar figures -they look great on T-shirts, Cups, Caps, Jackets in 2D and the ultimate gift – A 3D figure of yourself, your loved ones and your heroes to amuse your co-workers or delight your children! Our software is capable of producing both 3D printable files as well as regular image files (2D) and has successfully marketed, produced, sold, packaged and shipped to multiple world-wide clients during our test and development phase. Encompassing many retail models our regular image files can be used to create many other great gifts such as pet sweaters, phone cases, throw pillow, snow/skate boards, etc., the possibilities are limitless! Our domain Minockio.com provides the creation experience and is enjoyed by the followers of our video presence on YouTube, popular FB page and Instagram. Fully-functioning and order flow managed with current 3D printing and order fulfillment. Worldwide shipping being outsourced and figures created by top quality 3D commercial printers using Full Color, Sandstone Texture and Gypsum-based Powder. Included is our extensive library of Avatars, a variety of production examples converted to ad campaigns and the modern domain. Sale includes software and production rights, ongoing vendor contracts as well as the branding, packaging solutions and library. The extensive library of adult and teenage figures includes different facial features, hair and clothing styles which are charming and highly-desired in 2D or 3D as the featured store items. Ready for expansion with attractive branding, packaging design, care and use literature and shipping solutions. Revenue an estimate of Thai currency converted to US dollars.
Historical Summary:
5 Years of development, graphics, creativity and actual sales and delivery provide confidence and proof of concept
Opportunity has changed in the 3D market where the early adopters are now looking for real ways to monetize the industry, fully-programmed and tested output may be lagging. Many offerings are monochromatic plastic.
Potential Growth:
Endless potential in the gift and collectibles markets especially for current printer hardware owners, e-commerce retail toy and gift stores, possible sport franchise and celebrity rights, creation of comic hero/action figure/cartoon star and fantasy animated creations. Other businesses where personalization brings new, unique value to customers such as greeting card companies, boost and charity organizations and movie/music/sport fan clubs can also benefit from our software (when protected reproduction rights are obtainable).
Location Last Updated: Oct 8, 2019 / 11:06 AM
Financial Information Current as of: Jun 6, 2018 / 2:50 PM

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