ENLIGN Sells Dry Clean Spot of Mooresville, NC

Charlotte, NC – Joe Vagnone, an ENLIGN Business Broker based in Cornelius, NC is pleased to announce the successful sale of Dry Clean Spot in Mooresville with Plaza Cleaners in Charlotte, NC, a locally owned business providing dry cleaning and laundry services. Since 2007, Dry Clean Spot & Plaza Cleaners have been producing top-quality, full service dry cleaning and laundry services to Mooresville, NC and Charlotte, NC area residents.

Joe Vagnone with ENLIGN Business Brokers facilitated the transaction between the sellers, Rick Powell and Jeff Prince, and Dipesh Patel, the buyer. ENLIGN, representing the seller, prepared a buyer’s information packet, provided a broker’s opinion of value, worked with the seller to determine an appropriate asking price, pre-qualified potential buyers, represented the seller in pre-offer discussions, assisted in the negotiation of the terms of the transaction, and worked with buyer’s and seller’s closing documents for client review and execution. “I tell clients, ‘You’re not paying me just to find a willing buyer; you’re really paying me to get the deal done, this deal is a perfect example of that.”

The new owner, Mr. Dipesh Patel, realized his goal of owning this successful operation after many months of intense negotiation. Mr. Vagnone shared this sentiment about the transaction: “We do not quit or ‘give up’ in our efforts to find a buyer. We stayed with this and worked diligently with this until it sold, taking 16 months to find the right buyer.” Mr. Vagnone’s motto, “Never, never, never give up,” is a quote from Sir Winston Churchill that he and his team apply to all businesses under their charge. Julie Wozniak, Client Manager for Joe Vagnone had this to say: “Some businesses are much more difficult to sell than others. We will find a way to close the deal!”

ENLIGN marketed the opportunity with the premier online business listing services, including ENLIGN’s website www.enlign.com. Finding just the right buyer for this opportunity required a commitment from just the right team.

ENLIGN does not release financial details of transactions.

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