Do you want to buy or sell a business in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs areas? Are you looking for a confidential business broker? The business brokers of ENLIGN in Colorado offer professional business broker services that can help you get the highest market value in the shortest amount of time when you are selling a business and can help you find a business that is a legitimate and profitable investment.

Buy A Business

Our Colorado business brokers know that buying a business is a large investment and want to help you not only make a profitable purchase, but also have the best confidential business sale experience. For these reasons, we only accept businesses in our listings that meet our high standards; we do not accept businesses that can’t substantiate their financials, that do not have a positive cash flow, or businesses that are startups. Our business brokers only represent private companies with a gross revenue of 1 million or more and we will only work with those who are serious about selling their business. Learn more about buying a business with our Colorado business broker here!

Why Buy in Colorado?

  • One of the top places to live in the country
  • Major universities call Colorado home
  • Business and personal opportunities are plentiful
  • Great place for raising a family
  • And more!

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Sell a Business

When you work with one of ENLIGN’s confidential business brokers, you will receive objective valuation advice due to our innovative and comprehensive approach to marketing and the entire sales process. There are 8 successful steps to a successful and confidential business sale and our Colorado business brokers can help you through the entire process:

  • Select and Retain Advisors
  • Business Valuation
  • CBR/Marketing
  • Buyer Qualification
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Financing/Term Sheet Structuring
  • Closing/Funding

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Other Services

Business Valuation

ENLIGN’s Colorado business brokers also offer Valuation Maximization Consulting. Through this process, we help you list your business for sale and help you through the preparation process as well, so you can get the maximum value for your business. We understand that, when you’re selling a business, it’s not just a financial transaction, but it is the representation of your years of effort and personal investment, as well. We take this into consideration as we help you sell a business.

Merger & Acquisitions

Interested in a merger or acquisition? Our Colorado business brokers would love to help you through the process. We offer traditional and strategic advisory services and as with all that we do, with the upmost confidentiality. When you work with our business brokers, this is the process to expect:

  • Detailed Preliminary Study
  • Compelling Marketing Plan
  • Negotiation for the Best Possible Transaction

We can also help you with Buy-side Support Services, Corporated Acquisition Identification and Valuation and more.

Why Work with ENLIGN Business Brokers?

We realize that there are other means of buying or selling a business and we understand that even starting the process can feel overwhelming. We would love to help you have peace of mind through the entire process and here is how we can do that:


ENLIGN Colorado business brokers understand that confidentiality is one of the most important concerns of a business owner. We want to be one of your greatest assets through the process of buying or selling a business and we know in order to do that well, we must demonstrate high-levels of confidentiality.

Value Maximization

As your business brokers, we will help you maximize the value of your assets and company so that you can get all that you deserve when selling your business. In every aspect of the selling process, we want you to rest assured that we are bringing our very best skills to the table every time you work with us.

Certified Advisors

All of the ENLIGN business brokers of Colorado are certified by the IBBA, ABBA, CEPA, and/or M&A Source. When you work with one of our business brokers, you know that you are getting guidance from someone who you know will give you sound advice on which you can bank the future of your business and your financials without question.


Not only do all of our ENLIGN Colorado business brokers have the proper certification, but they also have experience in their profession and in owning their own businesses. We believe this is crucial to helping you as a business owner or buyer make the best decisions because we understand the ins and outs of owning a business and have been in your shoes.

Results Driven

As we have stated before, we are in the business to deliver the highest market value in the shortest amount of time, with complete confidentiality™. As your business brokers in Colorado, we try to give you the right tools to make the best decision for you are your business venture while doing it in the shortest amount of time. All in all, we work strategically to help you sell or buy a business.

Industry Leaders

All of our business brokers are industry leaders. We have a goal oriented mindset and take that with us into every aspect of what we do. Our business brokers in Colorado have positions in the industry such as the board of directors, committees, task forces, and more! When you work with ENLIGN business brokers, you know that you are working with those who are at the forefront of of their industry.

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Contact a Business Broker in Colorado

Are you interested in buying or selling a business and working with an ENLIGN business broker in Colorado? Contact Gregg Kunz! Gregg Kunz offers his experience and knowledge to business owners and those who wish to buy in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and beyond. He would love to speak with you and help you through the entire process.

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