Charles Milam

Charles Milam
Charles Milam

Position: Senior Broker – Greensboro, NC


Virginia Tech BS Marketing & Accounting

Began work career with Deere & Company, the parent of John Deere, installing standardized manual accounting systems in independent agricultural equipment dealerships before helping establish their lawn and garden equipment dealer network

Started Qualitech, which designed, sold, implemented, trained and supported business computer systems for accounting, inventory, service and manufacturing needs.  As it grew, I also owned several other small businesses including a BMW specialty parts mail-order catalog company, a telemarketing business and an advertising agency

Sold Qualitech and went to work for the buyers as a salesman

After the tragic loss of my key marketing assistant, I left to become a business broker. I have achieved success for both buyers and sellers in various business types such as business or consumer services, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce and traditional retailing, specifically including Computer Software & service, Cabinet Mfg, Quick Printing, Senior Care Franchise, Septic Pumping, Franchise Broker, Dollar Store, HVAC supply house, Florist Supply house, Fastener Supply house, GNC franchise, Tool Repair Shop, Meineke franchise, Power Tool eCommerce site, Wine shop, HVAC sales & service, Outdoor Power Equipment sales & service, Agricultural & Contractor Equipment sales & service, Bird feed & accessories franchise, Hydraulic Cylinder & Motor Repair shop, Furniture Upholstery Shop, Custom Furniture Mfg, Sample Book Mfg, Commercial Printer, Car Rental Franchise and others

Earned the designation of Certified Business Intermediary [CBI] from the International Business Brokers Association [IBBA] through experience, training and testing

Was conferred the title of Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary [M&AMI] by M&A Source, the industry standard setter, after acquiring larger deal experience, increased training and peer review.  Less than 2% of brokers attain this status.