As we began discussing in our last blog, digital marketing is the key to successful modern marketing. Phonebooks are more useful as doorstops in most cases and other physical marketing is less effective than it has been in the past. Nearly every adult has a smart phone. They don’t go anywhere without it, even taking it to the bathroom with them. Since the widespread use of smartphones and their high-quality apps, maps are becoming obsolete as well. All of this heavy internet use is a tell-tale sign that to be successful in the digital world you need to invest in digital marketing.

What’s the Goal?

So, what is the goal of digital marketing? Getting people to your website is the obvious goal, but how do you do this? The key to getting people to your website is ranking well on search engines and the apps that these influence. You do this by showing Google and other search engines that not only is your content relevant to those searching for you online, but also that you have valuable content.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or what is called SEO is the means for getting your website noticed online. By implementing certain keywords in the content of your website and continually having valuable content on your site, you are able to show that your site has valuable and relevant information to people searching for particular products or services. This does not mean that you bloat your website with a “bunch of keywords” and most certainly not random keywords, but with ones that are specific to your business and makes your content readable. Your website’s content should also be readable and attractive. In the past, these were the aspects that made people like your website. Because of advancements made in search engine algorithms, search engines now also take into consideration if you include pictures and if your content is readable.

Have a Website

First, before we get too far, to do digital marketing well you must have a website, and as mentioned earlier it needs to be one that not only the search engines like, but people like as well. Your website should have information such as the services you offer, your location and hours, and other relevant information. If you are selling items online, you need to have information as to what your products are and if it can’t be bought on your site, where to buy it. Websites that are visually oriented—aesthetically pleasing with high-quality pictures—always tend to rank above those that have pages and pages of text.

Let People Know About Your Website

This point may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many business owners fail to do this. Let your clients know that you have a website and if you are on review websites or social media, let them know about that as well. One aspect of good SEO practices and therefore what will help you rank higher in the search results is the number of people that visit your site. Also, if people are interacting with you on social media, search engines will take that into consideration as well.  

These are the very basics of successful digital marketing. To learn more about how to be a successful business owner, stay tuned for more posts on our blog! Also, if you are considering buying a business in Raleigh, contact ENLIGN’s business brokers. Our business brokers truly care about our clients and work to give you fast and the most profitable results. We can also help you buy a business in Raleigh as well and with a number of similar services. Learn more on our website!