In our last blog post we began talking about basic tips for starting a business in Raleigh successfully. Often, when unseasoned businessmen and women decide they want to start a business, their business plan is little less than a dream. Though idealism is important to have when starting a business, it can only get you so far. The American dream wasn’t the only thing that made our forefathers successful. It was their dreaming, their perseverance, and endurance, but it was so much more than just their heart that helped them find success: it was their mind and the thoughtfulness that they put into the entire process.

From Part 1

In part one of this blog series, we talked about the importance of delegating and having a niche. If you would speak to a business broker, they would tell you that these are both foundational to success.


Though having a hands-on approach is important, delegating will save you from potential burnout and losing focus on your responsibilities that only you as the business owner can fulfil. Hire people that you trust to delegate tasks to and seek professional advice for aspects of your business such as needed legal requirements and marketing.

Having a Niche

Many have a dream for a business and decide that they are going to start a business without thought or investigation. They decide to compete with commercial giants such as Amazon without a business plan. When you are developing your business, focus on one thing and be the best at that one service or provide the best product. Find a need or community that isn’t being serviced, and provide for that niche.

Business Tips – Part 2

Avoid Desperation

When you are first starting a business and have so much on the line, it’s easy to sell yourself hard to potential investors and clients. Selling yourself too hard can come across as desperate, and even though you may feel desperate, your potential business partners and clients can never know. Desperation can downgrade the product or service that you offer and turn away attention. Instead of desperation and worry, put your attention towards building relationships with clients and potential investors or business partners, and sell smarter.

Know Your Numbers

Business is all about the numbers—the accounting. You can have the coolest product, but your numbers are the tell-tale sign as to the success of your business. Be aware of monthly costs, how much it costs to run your business, and how that compares to your profits. Organize your accounting papers and office well so nothing is lost. Employ an accountant to help make sure your numbers are accurate. When you begin your business with smart financial business practices and with an accurate mirror of those practices versus your profits, you will be well on your way to own a successful business.

Conclusion of Part 2

There is a lot that goes into starting and running a business. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this short blog series. If you missed part one read it here!

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