Ready to take the next step in our career and sell your business? Ready to sell your business and retire? Then you are probably looking for a business broker.

Selling your Business

Selling your business in North Carolina can be a stressful and emotional ordeal. Not only are you selling something that you have spent a lot of time, money, and possibly sleepless nights over, but you maybe letting go of something that has held a piece of your heart. Whether you you have an emotional attachment to your business or your business is an investment project, finding a someone who will help you sell your business well is something that you deserve and you must have. When you are looking for a local and confidential business broker who you can trust, here are some of the qualities you should look for.


For any relationship whether it be personal or professional, there must be mutual trust and confidentiality is one of the biggest factors in knowing who to trust, when you are looking for the best Raleigh, North Carolina broker. Confidentiality is key to selling your business or purchasing a business successfully. One of the ways to know if you’ve found a confidential business broker is to first do your research: Who have they worked with prior? Were their clients satisfied with their business experience? You must also trust your gut. We have a gut instinct for a reason: Listen to it!

Maximize Your Value

When you are selling your business, you need the best brokers in North Carolina, because they will help you maximize the value of your business. Maximizing your business means getting as much money as you’ve put into your business in your sale. It means having more money in your pocket after the transaction to invest in your next venture. As a business, you deserve to get the most for your business: Find a confidential business broker who understands that and will give you sound advice, stand up for you, and know when you’ve obtained a great offer.

Certified Advisors

When you are looking to sell a business in Raleigh, North Carolina you must find a confidential business broker who will maximize your business value and is also certified. Though many have natural talent and can help you sell your business well, business brokers who are certified will not let you down when you are selling your business. Certification from organizations such as International Business Brokers Association, Inc (IBBA), American Business Brokers Association (ABBA), Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), and/or M&A Source is a must.


When selling your business you should also look for a business broker who has experience owning business. Those business brokers who have owned a business will know exactly what you are feeling, understand the investment that you have made into your business, and will be more likely to fight for your needs as the selling business owner. They may even understand the market that you are in and may be able to better serve your needs.

Results Driven

The confidential business brokers that you should employ to sell your business are ones that are results driven. Whether you have an emotional attachment to your Raleigh business or not, you understand that time is money and that the longer your business sits on the market the more money you lose not only because you still have to invest in it while it’s on the market, but also when a business has been sitting on the market for too long, prospective buyers might get the wrong impression about the quality of your business and all it has to offer. You need a business broker who will “deliver the highest market value in the shortest amount of time, with complete confidentiality.”

Industry Leaders

When you find a confidential business broker who is certified, has experience, and is results driven, you should also consider their leadership in their industry: Most likely if they have these qualities your business broker will be an industry leader. Why is having a business broker who is an industry leader important? They will up-to-date on all that will make your business successful. It is proof that they are results driven and care about their job, and they will be business brokers that have experience.

ENLIGN Business Brokers

Above are the qualities that make a great Raleigh business broker and will make selling your business a positive and profitable experience. For the business brokers of ENLIGN, these mentioned values are just a part of who we are and the standard to which we hold ourselves and those who with to join our brokerage. If you are looking to buy or sell a business, we would like to work with you! We are passionate about our clients and their businesses; we believe that confidentiality is the most important concern when buying or selling your business in Raleigh, and “We deliver the highest market value in the shortest amount of time.”

What to know more?

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